In our effort to improve remote engagement, we introduced the idea of biweekly informal TED talks, alternated with Game Nights. The idea was simple: anyone on the team could give a small presentation on any topic of their choice at 8pm EST Saturday night. This was also an effort to recreate impromptu whiteboard-type explanations we typically have during non-covid times in-person gatherings.

Some of the TED talks that we had:

wTF2 screenshot 1/23/21: wTF2 by Ryan Draves
ROS::TF2, a ROS library that manages and transforms between coordinate frames

Git Good screenshot 2/6/21: Git Good by Eric Ma
Gitting good at using Git version control

React screenshot 2/20/21: A Guide to React for Monke by Rimaz Khan
ReactJS, a frontend JavaScript framework for web development

Boats In Motion screenshot 3/6/21: Boats In Motion by Cyrus Anderson
How do boats move?

Docker screenshot 3/28/21: Docking at Docker by Ryan Draves
A peek under the hood of the team’s AI environment

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