UM Autonomy

Michigan's award winning autonomous boat team

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What is UM Autonomy?

UM::Autonomy is an award-winning undergraduate student project team from the University of Michigan. Each year we build an autonomous boat to participate in the RoboNation Roboboat competition. The boat is completely designed and programmed by students and must complete a wide range of challenges that are designed to test its autonomous abilities. We aim to further the study of autonomous robotics at the University of Michigan by providing students with hands-on multidisciplinary design experience in artificial intelligence, image processing, navigation, naval architecture, and mechanical design. Each year we strive to push the physical and conceptual bounds of our autonomous vehicle.

Opportunities at UMA

We employ a vast and diverse set of skills here at UMA. We have members of all levels of experience and from a wide variety of majors. Our subteams include AI, Electrical, Hulls and Systems and Business. The AI team develops all things software for our team, which entails developing path planning algorithms, computer vision, and simulation. Our Electrical team does all things electrical such as working with our computer hardware onboard and sensors and Hulls and Systems designs and develops the our carbon fiber hull. Lastly, the Business team manages our team sponsorships and budget.


Moving Forward

In 2018, we made a huge step toward returning to success. We finished 7th overall and 3rd among American Universities. For 2019, we restuctured our team which reflected great potential for our team in 2020 as this allowed us to get 1st place in static judging in the 2019 competition. For 2020, we aim to go reap the potential we saw in 2019.


Will you join us?

Each year we look for motivated, talented individuals looking to make a splash in the world of autonomous vehicles. UMA has no selection process or time commitment requirements, so just show up to our Sunday meetings at 1012 FXB from 1-3 to get started with us. If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to reach out to us at!